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If you are looking to sell your car, using an online platform is the safest place to do it. Selling your car privately can mean that you are in contact with several potential buyers, as opposed to if you were to sell online. Whether you are selling your car online or not, it is important to keep your car clean while Covid is still hanging around. We have put together some tips to help keep your car clean and safe.

Your materials will be a lot more effective if you clean the car before disinfecting. To start; use soap and water, or professional cleaning products and scrub your car to remove any dirt. A good scrub can weaken the protective pocket the coronavirus sits in, but make sure you don’t scrub too hard and damage the surface coatings. It is best to take your time with a microfiber cloth to minimise any potential scratches.

Then after it has dried, wipe it down using disinfectants which contain virucidal agents which are proven to kill flu viruses. Just ensure that you double check that the products will not damage your car before using.

You should clean the whole car, but it is recommended to give special attention to the areas which are frequently touched – such as the steering wheel, door handles, dashboard and seatbelts. Steering wheels are known to carry four times as many germs as you would find on a toilet seat.

For a thorough clean, it is recommended to use cleaning materials specifically for each area. Such as for fabrics, plastics, leathers etc. Some of the products can be expensive, but they truly can las you years. You only need to use a small amount each time.

Avoid using bleach and peroxide-based cleaners. They can kill germs, but they are also likely to damage vinyl/plastics and ruin your car’s colour. Do not use chlorine bleach for the interior, as it can get into the seat belt and weaken the fabric, making them unsafe.

Chlorine bleach could cause serious damage to the car’s interior. If it gets on the seat belts, it could weaken the fabric and affect the safety. We also encourage you to avoid using ammonia-based cleaners inside your car.

Finally, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your car and before selling your car. It reduces your risk of catching or spreading coronavirus and it will prevent bringing new germs in every time you drive.

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