How much will I get charged?

We only charge dealers a fee when a car has been sold successfully. There is no fee to the seller of the car.

How will the dealer contact me/send me offers?

The Dealer will be able to send you messages and offers via our Hunting Cars Messenger. However, your identity and details will remain completely hidden until you accept an offer or wish to disclose them beforehand.

Is it difficult to sell my car?

We make it nice and easy to sell your car. All you need to do is enter your registration details, then answer a few questions on the condition of your car, then upload the pictures and set your reserve price. If you do have any troubles, then you can simply click on the “Book Now” button above the image upload section. Then a member of our team, or one of our trusted 5 star dealer partners can come over to you to assist with your photos, or may even buy your car on the day right then.

What photos do you need?

Please click here to see the exact photos you will need to upload to the Seller Portal. The better your photos, the higher the price you will likely receive for your car…

Will the dealer collect my car?

You will receive a notification email from us letting you know whether your car has sold or not. If it has, then you will be provided with the name/company of the dealer. The dealer will then be in touch within 24 hours and you can both arrange a collection time which best suits you. 

If there are any problems or questions then you can contact us at contact@huntingcars.co.uk. We are always here to help at every step.

What happens on the day of collection?

The dealer will make the necessary inspections, to check that everything in the advert is accurate. Be sure to have your V5C log book, MOT certificate, necessary paper work and spare keys and proof of address.  Then payment will be made on the same day.

When do I receive payment for my car?

You will receive payment on the day of the sale via an online bank transfer. 

If there is any outstanding finance remaining on the car then this will need to be cleared before receiving the money.

What if my car doesn’t sell?

If your car doesn’t sell then we can arrange an appointment with us where we can help improve the images and maybe talk to you about reducing your reserve price. We will be here to help you as much as possible to receive the best price for you car and so it sells quickly.

Can I upload my Category A, B, D, S or N car?

If your car has been involved in an accident, then it may be classed as an insurance write off and given a category status with a single letter (A, B, C, D, S or N).

Our online platform operates on a set of values built around our carefully selected network of car traders and they do not buy any cars under the aforementioned categories.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you with your sale.

Do we buy cars?

Yes, we purchase cars through Slocombe cars limited

Company Number: 13662326