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If you are looking to sell your car online in the future, then your car’s value could be higher than you imagined if you have looked after your car well. Here are just some of the ways to increase the value of your car.

Garage kept: A garage provides the perfect conditions to keep your car cleaner, warmer and safer. It improves paint longevity, prevents rusting and it stops any damage from vandals or cars clipping your car whilst parked on the road. Did you know that the value of your car can increase by 10% if it does not have any dents or scratches?!

Unmarked Alloys: If your alloys are scuffed and worn, then you may want to consider having them refurbished or repaired. Your car value will increase and it will instantly stand out to people looking to buy your car online.

New tires: To receive the best possible price for your car online, then new tires will make a big impression to potential buyers.

Pet/Smoke Free: Cars that have been smoked in regularly or had pets in regularly can not only leave a lingering smell behind, but they also tend to have physical dame to the interior, making it more difficult to sell. The smoke and pet hair can become ingrained into the upholstery and it can be very difficult to remove.

Regular Services/Completing MOT advisories: A full-service history can increase your car’s value by as much as 10%. Potential buyers will always be weighing up the cost of your car against any potential repairs. So, keeping your car in great condition with regular services and fixing MOT advisories will decrease the buyer’s risk and therefore increase your price you receive for your car.

New Car Mats/Boot Tray: The floors of our cars certainly get put through the works and can quickly get dirty and stained. New car mats are fairly cheap, but they can instantly give your car’s interior a face-lift and increase the value.

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